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Unconventional Jobs for Nurses in the US


Unconventional Jobs for Nurses in the US

Careers in healthcare are some of the few industry’s that will always be hiring. There are a multitude of specialties and subspecialties for both doctors and nurses a-like. If your current RN position is leaving you wanting, there are some exciting other options for you to take.

Home Health Care

The hospital environment can be exhausting and unforgiving. Nurses looking to escape the long hours and sterile environment can find refuge in at home health care Bethesda MD. As an at-home caregiver, you will be able to provide healthcare for a variety of populations including, geriatric, post-surgical, special needs, dialysis, and hospice patients. Better yet, in-home nurses can usually make their own hours and be compensated for travel expenses.


If you’re a nurse whose passions are lit up in the Labor and Delivery Room but want to take things a little more into your own hands, training to be a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) may be the path for you. With just a few more years of schooling, becoming a CNM allows you to run your own practice, deliver babies in hospitals or homebirth settings, and provide prenatal, antenatal, and general women’s care to your community.

Nurse Educator

Becoming a Nurse Educator is the perfect position for RN’s that have an unfulfilled desire to teach. As a Nurse Educator, you would be helping train the next generation of nurses to enter into the work field confidently and successfully.  You could work as a faculty member in nursing schools or in a teaching hospital. If teaching the basics isn’t cutting it, you could also participate in continuing education classes with existing nurses to teach more complex and innovative subjects.

Becoming bored or uninterested in your current nursing position doesn’t always mean a change of career is necessary. There are plenty of occupations you can take on to help you make the most of your RN degree.