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Tips for Preparing for Normal Childbirth


Tips for Preparing for Normal Childbirth

Childbirth- Some pregnant women may feel anxious and afraid to give birth normally because they imagine the pain that arises during the process. In fact, pregnant women don’t need to worry if all the preparations for normal childbirth are done well.

Many mothers-to-be actually want to give birth through normal delivery. However, unfortunately, not a few of them discouraged this because they were afraid of imagining bad things that could happen during labor, especially if the delivery they were going to undergo was their first delivery.

Basically, the normal delivery process can run smoothly if properly prepared. Can minimize pain and discomfort during labor.

Not only that, but there are other advantages to having a normal delivery, ranging from a faster recovery time, a lesser risk of the infant developing health problems in the future, and lower delivery costs.

Tips for Preparing for Normal Childbirth

If you are planning to give birth vaginally, there are several things you need to know and prepare in advance. The following are some tips that can be a guide for those of you who want to give birth normally:

Make sure the pregnancy is not problematic

The health condition of you and your fetus should be the main consideration when choosing a vaginal birth. Vaginal delivery may be difficult in some conditions, and your doctor may recommend that you have a C-section if the baby is in the breech position, has a very large baby (macrosomia), or has had multiple pregnancies.

Therefore, an examination of the obstetrician during pregnancy needs to be done regularly to monitor the health of you and your fetus. It also aims to anticipate the possibility of complications that can complicate normal delivery.

Learn about normal childbirth

The stages of normal labor begin with uterine muscle contractions and the gradual opening of the cervix. After the dilation is complete, the doctor will ask you to push the baby out through the vagina.

Some unexpected things may happen during pregnancy, such as the baby being wrapped in the umbilical cord and the placenta blocking the birth canal (placenta previa). A doctor will perform medical measures to assist with the delivery, ranging from an episiotomy to a cesarean section.

Choose adequate health facilities

An obstetrician or at least an experienced midwife who can help with the delivery process that takes care of you.

Ask for the support of your partner and loved ones

Ask for support from your partner and family members during pregnancy. Their support and motivation can reduce anxiety and help you feel calmer in the face of a normal delivery.

In addition to your partner and family members, you can also discuss with people who have had a normal delivery. You can ask for their advice as input before welcoming your little one.

Maintain health before giving birth

The last normal birth tip is to maintain health during pregnancy, both physical and mental health. Try taking a pregnancy exercise class. Not only as a means of relaxation, you will also learn good breathing techniques during childbirth.

After going through a direct examination by a doctor, then you can determine the best way of delivery. You can also do other things, such as listening to your favorite music, exercising regularly, and meditating, to keep your mind calm and avoid stress during pregnancy.

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