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SCQF Level 5 Computing with Web Design


Second, that is what google looks for now that brings us over to the SEO side again. Content and SEO are very closely aligned, which is why we have such a thing as SEO content writing. Mobile app development is the building of an application that can be downloaded and installed onto a mobile.

If you would like to start this course in January, please visit ourJanuary pagesfor further details. Our Course Information Documents are designed to give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision about what and where to study. It is simply copper wires that we can hook up to a computer and send electricity through.

Student Life at Northumbria

The components of the website can be changed a lot to attract users to visit or serve different purposes. Both back-end and front-end developers may use the same development environments or IDEs in their works. These are application tools where you code in and construct the structure of the website. Constructing the actual interface through which a user interacts with the website, which is built by front-end developers using HTML, CSS, and JS languages. The backend development is what is going on behind the scenes, which is where the data is stored, and without this data, there would be no front end. The backend of the web combines the server with a database and to contain the data, hosts the website, an application for running it.

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  • This module is designed to support your transition in the use and practice of technical language and subject specific skills around assessments and teaching provision in your chosen subject.
  • None of the information on this website is investment or financial advice.
  • Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

SCP Computers have expereince in wrting custom checkouts using PayPal and Sage Pay. You are now happy with web design and should have the wording and any images you want incorporated into the web design. We have access to millions of images so don’t worry if you do not have any. We now create each individual page and build the links, writing code so the pages have the look and feel that matches the design.

This makes the website environment and interfaces easy to navigate and use since it is already familiar to the user’s eyes. This includes all elements of the acquisition and integration of the product, including features of branding, design, usability, and function. In summary, Responsiveness and performance are the two main objectives of the Front-End.

Reasons to Use WooCommerce to Start Your ecommerce Business

Now, responsive design is more appropriate for the cases when you make your website from scratch. So the adaptive approach would detect each time the screen size the visitor is using and provide the appropriate layout or the one closest to it. So the businesses that were fast to understand that they should switch to a different web design approach ultimately won the game.

The Web Development Process

We are interested in a broad range of qualities, not just your points on entry. We would like to learn more about you, your interests, experiences and motivation to study. Please visit theInternational Foundation Year pagesfor information on how to apply, entry requirements and course details. If you do not meet the requirements for direct entry into our BSc Computer Science course, our Foundation Year can provide an alternative route into your degree. You’ll learn to use technology to create new opportunities and to solve a wide range of problems, benefiting every aspect of society from the home to business, government and beyond.

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