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Regulating Charities Offering Complementary And Alternative Medicine Therapies


Thus, a lack of clarity in ontological frameworks negatively impacts inter-professional collaboration and the patient relationship. Many health professionals are supportive of people with cancer using complementary therapies. There are some health professionals that have been reluctant for their patients to use them.

People with cancer have various reasons for wanting to try alternative therapies. Using alternative therapy can become more important to people with advanced cancer if their conventional treatment is no longer helping to control it. It is understandable that they hope that alternative therapies might work. Scoping review of systematic reviews of complementary medicine for musculoskeletal and mental health conditions by Ava Lorenc, Gene Feder, Hugh MacPherson, Paul Little, Stewart Mercer and Deborah Sharp.

Thus, there is a need for further research to explicate how CAM providers’ discourse positions holistic health in the US healthcare landscape to achieve the goals of IM (Bann et al., 2010; Agarwal, 2017). The study findings underscore the importance of considering structural and cultural factors in healthcare . In reconciling and aligning their approach with science, CAM providers sought to expand awareness of the foundations of their field and the parameters of their practice. CAM providers’ discourse represented holistic health as responding to the normative allopathic dialogue rather than representing the knowledge and practice of CAM as constituting their professional identity on its own terms. On the other hand, the findings highlight the need for deconstructing culturally situated understandings of health as they inform the knowledge and practice of integrative models of care in medical discourse.

There is a high level of unmet need among people with dementia and few treatments available. Because of their perceived benefits and image as safe and natural, many people with dementia and carers use complementary and alternative therapies. There is, however, little high-quality research into the treatment of dementia with complementary and alternative therapy, although research on a number of therapies is providing some interesting preliminary results. The UK needs a national and long-term plan for dementia research that it is funded in proportion to its impact on society and with greater co-ordination between funders of dementia research.

If you’re taking herbal medicines, you should let any doctor who treats you know. It’s widely accepted that massage can help with a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. NICE recommends massage, alongside exercise and psychological support, to treat low back pain. There’s some evidence that massage might be helpful for fibromyalgia, and improving quality of life for people with cancer or HIV/AIDS. In the readings, the researcher first identified in vivo codes (descriptions of holistic healing and its relationships with various concepts; Strauss and Corbin, 1998). The researcher then sought to draw out relationships among these codes through a process of constant comparison to collapse and further refine them .

They also claim it can poison cancer cells, without damaging normal cells and tissues. There has been a review of studies that were looking at the outcomes for people with cancer taking Laetrile. The review found no evidence to show that it can control or cure cancer. Most treatments that seem to work when tested in the laboratory do not work when used for people with cancer. Claims about an alternative therapy may be based on the results of tests that were done on cancer cells in a laboratory.

If it starts to fail, then don’t look at the cell itself, look at the environment it’s in. So, if you have a toxic environment, the cells are not going to …So, you don’t think of that so much, but the people you live with, and the environment you live in, is critical to your health. The editor and reviewers’ affiliations are the latest provided on their Loop research profiles and may not reflect their situation at the time of review. EFT International is a unique, not-for-profit global association and charity of emotional freedom technique practitioners, trainers and students. A non-profit organisation that represents practitioners and promotes professionalism. Private therapists charge different prices for different therapies.

This shows that they have reached a certain standard and are qualified to give you that treatment. Complementary therapies are used alongside, or as well as, conventional medical care. But you might hear the term ‘alternative therapies’ used as well. This is when these therapies are used instead of, rather than alongside, your medical treatment. If you’re thinking about using alternative therapies, it’s important to talk to your doctor before you make any decisions.

Your nutritional professional will look at the questionnaire and food diary as part of a detailed health assessment which will include your medical history, lifestyle habits and goals. They may also request further laboratory tests to help identify underlying nutritional imbalances. Traditional acupuncture is based on the principle that a life force called Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) runs along energy channels in the body called meridians. Health is negatively affected when the flow of Qi is interrupted so the insertion of needles is used to restore the flow and return the body to health. We understand that people are worried about coronavirus (COVID-19).

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