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My Age, My Clothes: What Is Expected Of Me?


My Age, My Clothes: What Is Expected Of Me?

Our generation is crazed with the notion of looking forever chic and young, and many times, we try to deny the inevitability of old age. Should people dress according to their age and why? BritainReviewsopens up various fashion stores from where you can buy your dream clothes. It also enables you to read and track down the reviews of the companies, apps, or stores with which you want to engage. For example, you can find mobile dating apps reviews on BritainReviews.

Does it matter to dress your age?

It is a matter of perception, that is, the issue of dressing your age. How will people perceive you, and what will their reaction towards you be when you dress in a certain way? It is common knowledge that a person is addressed the way they are dressed, so this issue is more of what others think than what you think. The question then becomes; do you care for how people perceive you?

For many of us, the answer is yes. We want to be aware of what people think about us, and many times, we conclude that other people’s attitude toward us is due to how they perceive us. There are many benefits to dressing your age in an age where most people dress down. The key to doing so is to balance how you want people to perceive you with your age and maturity.

Before you dress, you should ask yourself these questions;

1.   How should people perceive me?

Do I want people to perceive me as old or young? Do I want to look matured or careless and reckless? Indifferent or serious? This should be your primary concern when you want to dress.

2.   Do I want to stand out, or do I want to fit in?

What are your style goals? Is it to portray confidence, sassiness, or to blend into your environment? Your style goals will go a long way to help you in the manner you want to dress.

Dressing your age:

·  15- 24

At this age, you are in charge of the clothes you wear and how you look. You can get away with pretty much anything at this age, but most likely, you will go for the trendy and fashionable. You should experiment with your dressing. Learn about the style that makes you tick. You can also accessorise better at this age.

·  Early- to mid-twenties

At this age, you will have no excuse to be underdressed. It is at this age range that you are expected to be more mature with your dressing. Here, you are either in college or looking for a job, so office wear should be in your wardrobe. You necessarily do not have to start dressing very ‘old-like,’ but you are expected to start building up a conservative look.

·  Mid-twenties the to late thirties

It is most likely that you will settle down at this age, and having a family alters your sense of fashion. Except you are a celebrity, you will begin to dress very conservatively. Your tendency to mix colours or textures will tone down, and your fashion look will be simple. You would have established your style by this time, but it will not be as flashy as it once was.

·  Forty and above

From age forty to about sixty, you are still young, though now a mature adult. You are bent on achieving your life goals, and so rather than the trendy fashion, you are expected to invest more in classics. It does not mean you should look drab, as you can be stylish even at this age.

From sixty and above, fashion might not make sense to you anymore, but it does not mean you cannot be fashionable. However, it would help if you considered that you are a senior citizen and dress to command respect, not ridicule.