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Merino, Worsted Wool And Regular Wool Differences


Merino, Worsted Wool And Regular Wool Differences

During the cold months, we all want to stay warm and comfortable and the materials we wear are highly important. It is not simple to choose the ideal type of wool for yourself; there are many things to think about and carefully examine. We’re here to present to you three wool varieties so you can pick the one that best suits your lifestyle and outfits. Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of Merino, Worsted and Regular wool. This article is perfect for everyone that wants to be warm during the winter months, but who also want to stay stylish and well dressed. You can also check out this article from Vogue for inspiration on how to style your winter pieces.

Regular Wool

The main difference between wool types is how they are sourced or the different steps in the production process. Common wool can come from any breed of sheep or goat, making it easier to source and produce. That is why it is a less expensive and less soft type of wool. However, it still has the natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly properties, and it definitely is a super warm material. Regular wool is perfect for you if you don’t have super sensitive skin or if you want to layer it on top of other clothes. It is also easier to take care of, so it might be better for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands.

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Merino Wool

If regular wool can be shorn from any type of sheep or goat, merino is different. Merino wool is special because it only comes from merino sheep. It is a softer and finer material that is perfect for those who want a luxurious feel. Merino wool is also breathable and has temperature regulating properties, making it super comfortable and good for activewear as well. If you want to stay warm and cozy while staying cozy, we recommend buying a merino wool cardigan: Be sure to follow the care instructions carefully as Merino wool is a luxurious and demanding material and you don’t want to ruin your garment.

Worsted wool

Just like regular wool, it doesn’t matter what animal the combed wool comes from, the difference is the process. Worsted wool is a lighter and smoother material that works perfectly for throws or even accessories. What makes it lighter is the combing process added to the production of it. Combing the wool takes the air out of the fibers, therefore making it smoother and lighter. Just like the other types of wool, it will provide a great amount of warmth, but on top of that, this wool is more water resistant and keeps its shape better over time. That makes it great for blazers, plaid skirts and even trousers. But worsted wool is also a great material to wear if you’re practicing winter sports. It will feel light and comfortable while making sure you stay warm.

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