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How Your Fashion Sense Reflects on Your Personality


How Your Fashion Sense Reflects on Your Personality

Fashion is not just about the pieces of clothing you put on, it is also a reflection of your personality. There is a strong relationship between your identity and fashion and with time, your choice of clothing can become your identity. People will know you for dressing in a particular way. Have you noticed that there are types of clothes you feel comfortable in, while there are others you would not even think about wearing?  It is because those clothes options do not reflect your personality, but they can be a perfect fit for somebody else.

People’s first opinion of you is often formed from how you dress. That is why we dress differently for different occasions. The way you dress when you have an interview will be different from how you dress when you are going to the beach. From your looks, people can know your class and can even guess your salary scale. Here are some things your clothing can do for you.

Clothes Can Give You Confidence: wearing the right clothes to the right occasion can boost your confidence level from 1 to 100. If you do not know the dress code for a gathering and wear the wrong clothes, your confidence level can drop to zero, and some people who were originally outspoken become timid and shy. If you look like a million bucks, you will feel like a million bucks.

Clothes Can Change Your Mood: have you ever put on a nice dress or a nice coat and immediately start sporting a wide smile? This is what good clothes can do for you. Looking good will make you smile, and a smile is all you need to change your mood. Smiling releases endorphin, this is the body’s pain killers and feel-good hormone. When this is released, you feel happier and your mood will change immediately. The feeling is vice versa if you are not wearing good clothes, you can become self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Your Clothes Can Dictate How You Act: when you are dressed like a boss you will act like a boss. Sometimes all you need is the right get up to get you ready for the day. Your dressing can put you in the right frame of mind to go to work or school. That is why some professions and schools have dress codes and uniforms; this can help get their workers and students in the right frame of mind to perform optimally. Sometimes you may not feel up to an activity, but immediately you get dressed for it you begin to feel ready.

Clothes have a lot of psychological effects on us even when we do not notice. This is why people usually change their wardrobe when starting a new phase and becoming a new person. If you are feeling down, demotivated, or not up to something, changing your outfit might just be all you need to put you in the right frame of mind.