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How Men Can Achieve a Winter Fashion Look


How Men Can Achieve a Winter Fashion Look

Winter! What a beautiful time of the year, a bit chilly, but beautiful snow and no more unbearable scorching heat. Time to jump into our warm layered clothes… Right? No!

Do not get me wrong, you need your warm clothes through this cold beautiful season. Our warm layered clothes can sometimes come off as a little bit dull, boring, or even unimaginative, especially with men.

Here, I’ll show you a couple of simple ideas and clothes you could put on and appear more stylish and fashionable with a lot of ease. 

Pea Coat

A pea coat is a marine originated, a versatile, double-breasted coat that no man can ever go wrong wearing during the cold season.

From a walk in the park, date, or even the office, the pea coat works tremendously well with any outfit. Its structure and masculine touch amplify whatever is won under or beneath it.

You will however want to take note of the shape and quality. Investing in a good, fitting pea coat that does not wear off easily is important. Long pea coats go best with more corporate attires while short pea coats work well with casual outfits.

Also, take note of what colors and shades; black shades might limit your color combinations but is the ultimate color choice, navy blue shades work well with any outfit making them look stylish and fashionable while grey shades is a nice break from the traditional black and compliments outfits with lighter tones.


Boots are a staple on footwear during winter and cold seasons. Some simple boots can easily pump up your look from normal to stylish while keeping your feet dry and warm.

There are many types of boots you could choose from, from timberland, sketchers to Chelsea. You could work any of these with so much ease.

Interestingly, the scope of styling boots is endless. You could try pairing them up with any outfit and look super stylish regardless.


Contrary to peoples’ belief, scarves whether hanging loosely or wrapped around the neck is a stylish masculine accessory that ties up your winter look with a high-end touch.

There are different ways to style up your scarf. You could either give it a simple drape; wearing it beneath or over your coat or wrap it around your neck once or twice to achieve a relaxed, laid back polished look at the same time keeping you warm from the cold or even make an overhand knot that could be easily tucked in or out giving you a formal stylish look.

A scarf, simple as it is, will go a long way to make you appear classy and stylish.


What screams sophistication and style than a turtleneck? They are without a doubt versatile and can be easily dressed down or up at any second.

Turtlenecks ought to be men’s staple winter clothing because of their stylish and sophisticated demeanor that commands attention from afar. Be it a formal setting or a casual event; turtlenecks give off a bold retro vibe.

Asides from keeping you warm and snazzy, turtlenecks can also be easily paired off with different clothing articles such as shirts, denim jackets, or even blazers. 

There are a variety of stores you can get your turtleneck from. Feeling stuck? You may have a look atZaful Men’s clothing.

Flannel Shirt.

Flannel is a soft woven fabric made from cotton or wool. It used to be popular among the working class and farmers long ago because of its warmth and affordability.

Flannel shirts come in different colors, both plain and checked. They are smart casual/ casual articles of clothing that archives a warm, stylish, easy look and can be layered either on top of a t-shirt or beneath a denim jacket.

They are more laid back and relaxed. They are a fun clothing item to play around with; pairing them with different items of clothing such as chinos or roll-necks.

To avoid looking like a lumberjack, avoid buttoning up your flannel shirt and make sure to pair it up with other clothing articles.

The internet is filled with a lot of stores that claim to sell clothing, some are transacting genuinely and some are deceptive or bogus.

The only way to certain this is by reading fashion store reviews. Such reviews will help you make better choices before purchasing any clothing.

Remember also to buy sustainable clothing to help us secure our environment for the future.