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Healthy Food Options for Babies from Organic Ingredients


Healthy Food Options for Babies from Organic Ingredients

There are a variety of healthy food choices for babies that come from organic ingredients, from vegetables to fruits.

Organic food is produced using natural methods or processed without using chemicals, additives, and genetic engineering, so it is considered healthier. Although the nutritional content is not much different from ordinary or non-organic food, organic food is claimed to be healthier and safer for consumption.

Healthy Food Choices for Babies from Organic Ingredients

There are several organic food choices that you can add to your little one’s healthy eating menu, including:


Green vegetables often use pesticides, including spinach. If you’re concerned about residue that might stick to your vegetables, you can opt for organic spinach. Spinach is rich in iron which is good for the formation of red blood cells in your little one’s body.


Potatoes can more easily absorb pesticides from the soil. And there are many who rate organic potatoes as safer and healthier for their little ones to eat. However, the mother must still wash the potatoes thoroughly before processing them to keep them safe for consumption.


Broccoli has a texture that is difficult to clean. So, you can consider choosing organic broccoli that is free of pesticides to avoid exposure to chemical residues that are difficult to reach when cleaning.


Strawberry is one of the fruits that has the highest pesticide residue content. To keep it safe for consumption, you can start choosing organic strawberries to give to your little one.

In addition, organic strawberries also have 8.5% more antioxidant levels than non-organic strawberries. If you need more information about health you can visit this site too bakkerenleenheer

Apples and pears

The nutritional content of some organic foods is basically not much different from ordinary food. The government has set standards for the use of pesticides so as not to exceed the limits that are harmful to health. This makes claims that non-organic foods have more pesticide residues still uncertain.


Organic and non-organic foods are actually not much different in nutritional content and are still safe for consumption. Choosing healthy food for babies is not only organic but also the application of a balanced nutritious diet and proper food processing that mothers should pay attention to.

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