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Delving Into Dentures


Delving Into Dentures

A denture is an appliance that is made to replace missing teeth and adjacent tissue. Dentures can be constructed for people who are missing all of their teeth as well as for those who only need to have some teeth replaced.

What Is the Role of the Dentist?

Dentists, such as the professionals who provide Happy Valley dental care, can be involved in multiple stages of the process of acquiring dentures. They can conduct initial evaluations, create customized dentures, monitor the appliances to ensure that they fit properly, and offer advice about proper care and maintenance of the dentures.

What Causes the Loss of Teeth?

Tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Such reasons include having certain genetic disorders, contending with the effects of pregnancy-related hormones, developing tooth decay or gum disease, or experiencing dental trauma from injuries involving the mouth.

What Are Some Benefits of Dentures?

As teeth are restored, a person’s face typically gains a more natural appearance because their lips and cheeks are supported, and their facial muscles are no longer able to sag. Replacing missing teeth can also improve a person’s ability to chew and to clearly pronounce words. After realizing that these changes have taken place, a person’s confidence and self-esteem will likely improve as well.

What Does the Cleaning Process Involve?

Dentures are prone to many of the same problems as natural teeth. They, too, need to be cleaned daily in order to remove any food particles, reduce bacterial accumulation, and prevent odors and staining. After rinsing the dentures, a denture cleanser can be selected. These cleansers come in many forms, such as pastes, creams, gels, or tablets. If tablets are chosen, they can be dropped into warm water to create a solution for soaking the dentures. Alternatively, dentures can be brushed with a paste, cream, or gel, and then rinsed thoroughly.      

The thought of visiting the dentist can cause some people to feel anxious. Having information, however, can allow people to feel reassured, and having their teeth restored can give people a reason to smile.