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Cook a classical feast


Excellent, especially in use alongside Baldwin’s website, which is easier to search and is updated. To be honest, I bought it to make a donation because I use the website all the time. Substitute the fish sauce for soy sauce to make this recipe vegetarian. This dish is the sort of simple dinner that Romans would likely have had in bars and restaurants where you could easily while away an evening. We have substituted the gourds that the Romans grew for marrow or squash.

  • Try Penny Zako’s recipe for the most perfect turkey gravy.
  • Continue to cook the sauce until it has reduced by half.
  • Suitable for plant-based diets using the coconut milk and coconut cream alternatives, and replacing the chicken with extra chickpeas or spiced cauliflower.
  • Once cooked, the eggs are dramatic and visually very beautiful next to the green filling.
  • After your first box, cook new meals as often as you want to.
  • This recipe came from one of my mother’s dear friends.

The alcohol is also omitted here to make it suitable for everyone in the party to enjoy! Greg joined the Marylebone High Street branch of Divertimenti in the summer of 2010. Here he demonstrates his recipe for Tiramisu, always a favourite at staff parties. ‘This is one of my favourite drinks to make, so simple and so delicious. When I grew up in Antigua, we’d make it to serve at the family meal on a Sunday’. A delicious, traditional Austrian dish of shredded pancakes.

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Were the dried fig and the walnuts ingredients in basyniai, or were they a separate offering to the goddess? Here we have assumed that they were separate – you can serve the figs alongside your Delian Sweets. The second recipe, quoted from Apicius, is a little clearer as to the method of making he sweets. This recipe is inspired by Cato’s recipe but uses honey to make it sweet. You can make a savoury version without the honey by using a salted cheese, such as feta. Mix the flour, water and one tablespoon of honey together into a batter.

This quick Coronation chicken is delicious as part of a selection of dishes or as a sandwich filling. This dish is freezer friendly for your convenience. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for this fabulous recipe. Serves as a main, more as part of a selection of dishes. Catch up on our Facebook Live on Mediterranean Cooking with AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell.

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Add the chopped oregano and pour the sauce over the shrimps. Serve as a first course with a crusty loaf of bread and a simple salad. Maria Elia is a chef, author, broadcaster and teacher. Her cooking is inspired by her travels and she loves looking for new combinations of ingredients that surprise and delight.

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