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Computing with Digital Media MSc


Examples include the UK University Diversity in eSports Conference 2020 hosted by Women in Games. We are passionate about gender balance in science and technology, which is why we are official members of WISE. We have teamed up with market-leading rugged tablet manufacturers to provide 360-degree in-vehicle solutions. The specialist tablets from Dell, Getac, Panasonic and Samsung are designed to accommodate the needs of demanding applications in industries including… Designing high-performance industrial rack computers or servers has its challenges.

Working within the marketing team, Karim will be providing creative support to promote Captec’s range of services and capabilities across a wide range of… This online event takes place on Thursday, 27th January 2022 at 3.30pm-6.30pm BST on Zoom. A livestream will be provided for those who were not able to complete the registration. We are passionate about making IT available to everyone and bridging the digital divide. “I hate to break it to him but computers have already won the Pulitzer Prize. A half dozen of them, starting in 1989.”

Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR and Mixed Reality MR

Bendy phones and fold out or roll-up screens may also be on their way with OLED technology. Imagine folding out a screen the size of a TV to attach to a smartphone for more comfortable viewing. The recent expulsions of Russian diplomats from the United States has highlighted the extent to which governments and other rogue elements have been ramping up capacity to damage sensitive systems. Germany’s domestic secret service has accused Russia of a series of international cyber-spying and sabotage attacks while Angela Merkel has warned that this year’s elections could be a target.

  • The accreditation indicates that the course has been assessed and produces industry-ready graduates for the gaming sector.
  • Trump was elected, Brexit happened, there were repeated terror attacks in Europe, Aleppo was turned to rubble and David Bowie died.
  • Much attention has been directed at the use of social media to disseminate disinformation and hate speech.
  • Founded in 2001, ASH is established and experienced in electronics design and embedded software for wireless communications and IoT…
  • The unpredictability of the world in 2017 is unlikely to put journalists out of business, but there are many ways in which journalists and media companies will be using technology to deliver better and faster content in 2017.

We provide a free, practical resource that aims to help developers negotiate the industry, access top-level advice, and ensure they are able to negotiate the industry as effectively and profitably as possible. The promises of artificial intelligence have long been discussed; but tech leaders and research firms are now proclaiming that AI has a serious near-term future for businesses. IoT Tech News is a practical resource providing news, analysis and opinion on the burgeoning Internet of Things ecosystem, from standardisation, to business use cases, and development opportunities.


A new Twitter bot, Smile Vector, shows how artificial intelligence could open up a new world of image, audio, and video fakery. It scrapes the web for pictures of celebrities and changes their expressions using a deep-learning-powered neural network. Has created a VR studio, with a cross functional team including journalists, designers, a project manager and a commercial lead.

Only by knowing more about customers can media companies hope to compete with Facebook in creating more relevant and personal experiences, which may eventually lead to revenue. This year, media companies will be investing heavily in data, segmentation and recommendation initiatives (61%) along with registration and sign-in drives (52%). Many publishers are unhappy with the amount of money they get from Facebook, especially with video monetisation yet to come on stream in a significant way. Access to customer data is also a big issue for some with at least one publisher withdrawing from Apple News. Reliable data is also a concern with Facebook having to apologise for overstating how much time, on average its users were spending watching videos. And then there are worries about ownership and attribution with some publishers unhappy that Google’s AMP shows their content framed with a Google url.

Trust in news on social media

Bell describes how Narrative Science “turns data into stories of a type which will not be winning many Pulitzers”. The Los Angeles Times is not the only news outlet to publish stories written by robots. “Part of that is automated and part of that is human,” Welsh told, with a real reporter then expanding on the first line. Another source of data Los Angeles Times reporters receive is a daily email with a csv attachment detailing the arrests made by the famous LAPD the previous day. “Ken wrote the algorithm that sits on top of earthquake notifications,” Schwencke’s colleague Ben Welsh, a database producer at the Los Angeles Times, told “The structured data comes in and Ken has an algorithm that says if the earthquake is close to California and over a certain magnitude it is ‘news’.

Overall trust in news is low (39%) while CNN, which is owned by local conglomerate Trans Media, ranks the highest in brand trust at 69%. Interestingly, the news brand with greatest reach is also one of the brands with a large minority (12%) that say they do not trust it, which some may attribute to its more sensational style of reporting. Indonesia is 87% Muslim, and contains the world’s largest Muslim population, but Islam is not the state religion.

This is clearly a turning point for media and all eyes will be on how both publishers and platforms respond to this crisis of credibility. But part of the analysis also reminded us of the structural and economic backdrop; how hollowed out journalism has become, particularly outside metropolitan centres. A raft of initiatives over so called ‘fake news’ from both publishers and platforms fail to restore public trust.

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