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Computer Hardware Software


Laboratories and workshops are equipped to commercial and industrial standards and are available to students both in and out of class time . Students opting for either the work placement or study abroad module will be registered on a non-credit bearing module. Whilst the modules do not bear credits, they do require completion of marked activities reflecting on your placement/study abroad or work placement experience. Following successful completion of the activities, the module selected will appear on your final academic transcript. Students will thus graduate with 360 credits in total, assuming successful completion of their final year.

  • Most modern monitors use some form of Liquid Crystal Display technology.
  • Some devices can share Wi-Fi transmission via an ad hoc Wi-Fi transmission, commonly known as a HotSpot, which is where a device creates a small Wi-Fi signal around itself.
  • When building up a new computer, or simply replacing old parts, you may need to know the specific hardware in your computer.
  • Students can access this environment from anywhere on or off campus.
  • On the other hand, software includes the intangible parts of the device, such as the operating system and applications.

Examples include a specialist need for a specific computer configuration, manufacturer or certified hardware. In this instance please attach a quote for your required specification along with any supporting information. DTS will check that we can help support the equipment before approving the purchase. Digital Technology Services can also provide support for PCs in a PC lab or classroom.

Upgrades for Mac systems

The University has recently adopted a ‘laptop first’ approach to procuring staff computers. This change has been a decision which has been considered over a number of months but cemented by recent events. With so many options available, choosing computer hardware for your business can be difficult. You will have to keep in mind – your current and future hardware needs, potential compatibility issues, security concerns and your long-term IT strategy.

Operating system and advanced programming will be taught along with a communication technologies module. Uses the 68K processor as a powerful teaching and learning tool, putting substance firmly before style. Travel back to the neolithic days of the 286, CGA graphics and the first sound cards with our free guide to vintage PC hardware. From the very first PC to the NVIDIA GeForce, we tell the development stories of loads of early PC CPUs, graphics cards, sound systems and more with in-depth technical detail, interviews and practical guides.

Professional Development Awards PDAs

Antivirus software helps prevent viruses and malware from infiltrating your device and messing with your data or stealing information which could lead to identity theft. Paid and free versions of antivirus software are available, and most programs can be set to work automatically in the background. On the other hand, software includes the intangible parts of the device, such as the operating system and applications.

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