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New herbal medicine project sees Trinity Herb Garden go back to its roots

A historic herb garden in the heart of campus is going back to its roots as the base for a new study into herbal medicines.

Led by Dr Tiziana Sgamma of De Montfort University Leicester (DMU)’s Biomolecular Technology Group, it will use a new method of plant DNA barcoding to identify varieties and help solve the problems caused by misidentification.

Dr Sgamma’s work has shown that the varieties which are being grown and used are not always the correct ones, so the team are using the Trinity Herb Garden, at the back of Trinity House, for new research.

She said: “Many people grow herbs and harvest them for us in home remedies, but you cannot be sure that you are using the right plant. Labels and ‘looking similar’ does not guarantee that you have the right plant, and this can lead to a completely different outcome and could also interact

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