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How To Control Your Business Insurance Costs


How To Control Your Business Insurance Costs

How To Control Your Business Insurance Costs

Insuring your company wisely and robustly is a matter of walking a few fine lines, because over-insuring can lead to a loss of resources in other areas due to bloated costs, but under-insuring can threaten your whole operation if the wrong disaster strikes on the wrong day. This gets even more complicated if your company is hard to insure due to risk levels or unconventional coverage needs, because many insurers offering general liability and other basic business insurance packages do not have industry-specific experience that lets them carve out a specific enough policy to make sure every part of it is useful to you and nothing is overlooked. They just don’t have the resources to do that for every company. That leaves two options, finding a specialized carrier or creating your own insurance provider.

Option 1: Specialized Coverage

There are industry-specific insurance options if you go looking for them. While … Read More