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8 organic food products that you should buy


8 organic food products that you should buy

Are you familiar with organic food? Organic food is food made from plants that are grown free of pesticides, free chemical fertilizers, and without genetic engineering. Today, organic food is not limited to plants. Animals that are kept based on organic principles, such as chickens that are free from injections of growth-regulating hormones, can also be referred to as organic products.

It is said that organic food is much healthier to eat than ordinary food, because there are no harmful chemical drugs contained in it. Unfortunately the price of organic food in Indonesia is still very expensive. But if you are interested in starting a healthy life with organic food, the All Women Stalk website recommends 8 organic food products that you should buy.


If you are a meat lover, then you should try and compare the taste with regular beef. The price of organic meat is certainly much more expensive than non-organic meat because maintaining an organic cow’s diet also costs a lot of money. To know more information about technology computers you can visit this site silverlight-tour

Milk is recommended to be consumed every day, therefore it doesn’t hurt to replace your current dairy product with organic milk. The natural diet of cows can improve the quality of milk. Omega 3 content of organic milk also increased by 68% more than regular milk.


If milk is obtained from cows with the maintenance of an organic diet, then eggs are produced from organic chickens. While ordinary or non-organic chickens are injected with growth-regulating hormones. So it is not recommended if you continue to consume eggs from these chickens continuously.

The best organic fruits are apples, strawberries, and peaches. Compared with organic products, the Soil Association says that the average non-organic apples are sprayed with pesticides 16 to 30 times. So, there is nothing wrong if you are now spending a little deeper on healthy organic foods than paying for medical treatment due to illness caused by non-organic foods.


Bell peppers, celery, lettuce, spinach, and potatoes are the vegetables most often contaminated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. But with organic growth, you don’t have to worry about consuming the vegetables mentioned above.

Organic seafood products are still rare. However, organic shrimp is the first recommendation for those of you who want to enjoy organic seafood products. Organic shrimp growth is regulated by pond managers who do not use antibiotics or other harmful chemicals.


Recent research has shown that wine derived from non-organic vines makes the drinker more susceptible to severe hangovers. If you are a lover of wine or wine, it never hurts to switch to more healthy organic products.


Eco-friendly organic coffee produces a purer and more delicious taste than regular coffee. For those of you who are used to serving coffee as a companion to the breakfast menu, don’t miss trying organic coffee.

In addition to the 8 organic processed products above, you still have a variety of other organic food choices. We recommend that you adjust your budget and your daily needs to stay healthy with organic products without always being extravagant.

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