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5 Lifestyle Changes that Can Help Protect our Environment


5 Lifestyle Changes that Can Help Protect our Environment

According to expert opinions on, the environment works better when every component within is in balance. Unfortunately, not much balance has been witnessed in the environment we live in.

Problems such as pollution, waste products, plastic litters, resource depletion have been on the rise. To fight against these environmental issues, it becomes imperative for us to change our lifestyle, and this may mean choosing the best energy networks to provide you with your green energy needs.

Here are the five lifestyle changes that we can make to protect our environment:

1.     Use your car less:

With the growing demand for cars especially in developing countries, people of social class and prestige purchase cars for show-off and comfort. However, the carbon emission from car usage has far contributed to pollution in our environment. Having good reasons to buy cars and the occasional need for their usage will not only go a long way in enhancing a clean environment but also help save costs of fueling, maintenance, and even theft, in part of the users. In other words, rather than saving to buy costly vehicles, one needs to inculcate the lifestyle of using the mode of transportation whose impact on the environment will be minimum. For instance, rather than using cars or bikes to work, those whose work is not far from their home may consider walking. However, if walking does not seem realistic, they may decide to join their colleagues whose journey paths are the same. As a result, there will be a reduction in carbon emissions as there will be fewer vehicles on the road if people go on a journey together.

2.     Lowering your consumption of red meat:

Aside from the research that showed that red meat is one of the major causes of heart diseases, cancer, kidney problems, it also contributes a quota to environmental pollution. Red meat obtained from cows and bulls emit a large quantity of gas called methane, which causes climate change. However, a slight reduction in the consumption of red meat can have a positive infinitesimal effect on environmental pollution.

3.     Increase your consciousness to being a “green consumer”:

One of the methods of making producers and manufacturers comply with environmental laws is through “green consumers”. Green consumers are those that are environmentally conscious with regards to purchases they make from companies. This set of consumers frown against producers/manufacturers whose production process led to the great discharge of emission, thus, they buy less from such producers and buy from environmentally friendly producers. Therefore, embracing the lifestyle of buying products from producers who engage in the recycling process of their waste products and encourage proper waste disposal is a key to protecting our environment from harmful waste products and materials. The effect of environmental compliance through green consumers on companies will enhance competitors to take charge of green production.

4.     Use of renewable energy:

Though some people view renewable energy as an expensive investment in the real sense, such investment saves a fortune in the long run and has a positive impact on the environment. However, massive investment in energy companies and demand for their renewable products such as solar panels for homes, wind turbines, electric cars among others will help utilize energy-efficiently and also cut down the cost of power bills in various homes. This is one avenue in which returns on energy investment and environmental benefit can yield enormous results.

5.     Sharing ‘green’ information with people:

With the rising number of social media users and global communication, it has become very possible to share ideas and sensitize people on the benefit of a green environment. One may take up the lead is by informing the public through:

  • Creating a video page which explains the energy-conservative methods you use at home and how it has helped so far
  • Learning and teaching neighbor on how to collect and recycle materials and products such as recycled plastic bags
  • Teaching the public on the environmental benefit of buying secondhand products
  • Forming a non-governmental organization to sensitive people on how to live a green life

In addition to the above, several other changes can be made to protect the environment such as minimizing energy usage, growing your food, fixing your stuff rather than disposing of them anyhow, and practicing recycling. Thus, a pollution-free environment is a better environment for every human race.