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4 Tips for Promoting Healthy Teeth in Children


4 Tips for Promoting Healthy Teeth in Children

Tooth decay is a common issue for children, but there is much parents can do to keep kids’ teeth healthy early on. These four tips are a great way to start!

  1. Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

A diet high in sugar has many negative effects on the body, including contributing to tooth decay. Food items such as soda, candy, or fruit that can get stuck in the teeth can be especially harmful to teeth. Since snack and dessert time is often to blame for the development of cavities, have plenty of healthy food items available for your child to eat such as leafy greens, carrots, apples, celery, and almonds.

  1. Don’t Miss Dentist Appointments

Children should see a kids dentist Jacksonville at least every two years starting from the time their first tooth emerges. This allows you to catch any potential issues or decay early on so you can learn how to help your child improve their dental hygiene habits. The dentist will also know if your child needs any sealants and can treat any cavities that do form.

  1. Make Sure They Floss

While younger kids will need the assistance of an adult to floss their teeth, it is important that children of all ages floss at least once a day. Make sure they know to floss around their teeth instead of just moving up and down in a straight line. If your child has braces or dental crowns, you can ask the dentist about letting your child use a Waterpik instead.

  1. Know When to Ditch Pacifiers and Sippy Cups

While pacifiers are convenient to use and sippy cups can help prevent messes, they can both cause potential teeth problems. Try to wean children from pacifiers by the age of two and only use sippy cups to help toddlers adjust to a regular cup by around 18 months old. Also, avoid letting the child drink juice or milk in a bottle during naps and bedtime.