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3 Ways to Teach Health to Early Childhood


3 Ways to Teach Health to Early Childhood

Early childhood health is determined not only by food but also by lifestyle. When your child starts school, it’s natural to worry about not being able to fully monitor your child’s health at school. Therefore, equip children with the following basic knowledge about health:

Get in the habit of washing your hands before eating or wiping your nose after sneezing

The habit of washing hands using soap recommended by WHO prevents germs from entering the body so that children are protected from various diseases. Take care of the health of early childhood by inviting children to wash their hands regularly at certain times. Ideally, hand washing is done under running water for 20 seconds using soap and done with the right technique.

Teach your child to always tell stories if he falls, bumps, or feels pain in any part of his body

When playing, children have their own world and explore in their own way, from playing balls, puzzles, toy cars, houses, to playing hide and seek. All require body movement. Playing activities are certainly risky, ranging from falling, slipping, to sprains. Therefore you must ask the condition of the baby after playing in order to maintain the health of early childhood. Getting used to asking children after activities outside the home can also encourage children to take the initiative to always tell stories if something happens to their body. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about computer webimag

For preschool age children, teach them not to snack randomly

Get used to the child’s breakfast before the move. In addition, make it a habit to also bring children’s lunch to school so that children do not snack carelessly. Bringing supplies can not only maintain the health of children at school, but also teaches children to be more frugal. In addition to lunch, also prepare snacks. Making a variety of snacks yourself at home can also maintain the health of early childhood.

Teaching early childhood health is not easy. The key is patience and consistency to apply these good habits continuously. Thus, children will get used to living a healthy life and avoid various diseases.