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3 Treats to Share at Your Next Celebration


3 Treats to Share at Your Next Celebration

Big celebrations like birthdays or work parties are the perfect time to bring along some goodies or send treats to share with the guest of honor and party-goers. If you’re planning to celebrate a fun occasion soon, consider bringing along one of the following treats to the big bash.


Cookie platters Schaumburg are sure to be a hit for guests of all ages. An assortment of cookies allows guests to choose something that suits their personal tastes or to pick several and get a sampling of multiple flavors. Cookies can also be tailored to suit the occasion, with custom-decorated cookies in festive colors or even with a special message.


Cakes are a classic celebration treat. Choose a towering layer cake for a show-stopping effect, a large layer cake for feeding a crowd or an array of cupcakes for a cute (and easy-to-serve) variation. Be sure to buy just the right amount of cake for each guest to avoid having too many leftovers or wasted desserts. Alternatively, scale-down cakes to miniature cupcakes or cakes in a jar for perfect portions and offer dainty boxes for guests to carry out their cakes as party favors.

Ice Cream

An ice cream bar is an excellent choice for both warm-weather and cool-weather gatherings alike. A few favorite flavors of ice cream serve as the perfect base, but don’t neglect the colorful array of toppings to accompany it. Consider offering seasonal fruits, nuts, small candies, an assortment of sauces, whipped cream, sprinkles and of course cherries to go on top.

Celebration treats are the perfect thing to make parties feel extra festive. Whether you have an intimate gathering or a large-scale party, be sure to include some special desserts to ensure that the guest of honor and the party-goers feel celebrated and happy.