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3 Foods that Encourage Dental Health


3 Foods that Encourage Dental Health

Dental health can become more important as you age. Good hygiene is a great foundation for good dental health, but there are other ways you can encourage healthy teeth. Even the foods you eat can be a part of your dental health regimen. Find out why fibrous fruit and vegetables, dairy products and certain teas can be good for your teeth.

Fibrous Fruit and Vegetables 

Did you know saliva is one of your body’s natural defenses against gum disease and cavities? Salvia actually reduces the impact of enzymes and acids on your teeth. Fibrous fruits and vegetables get saliva pumping about 20 minutes after you eat them. Calcium and phosphate found in saliva restores the parts of your teeth that have lost minerals due to bacterial acids.

Dairy Products

You may have heard that dairy products like cheese, milk and plain yogurt are rich in calcium. Calcium is good for the enamel on your teeth and can replace vital minerals necessary for proper dental health. Losing enamel could lead to cavities or breakage, which can lead to losing teeth. Many articles in the journal of clinical dentistry discuss the impact of tooth decay.

Green and Black Teas

It might come as no surprise that green and black teas also promote good dental health. They contain polyphenols, a substance that kills or restricts bacteria. So instead of that afternoon coffee, reach for a cup of black or green teeth to get a dose of acid-fighting polyphenols. Additional foods with polyphenols include dark chocolate, beans and nuts.

Daily Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth can be about more than improving your morning or nightly routine. You can also include more fibrous fruits and vegetables, dairy products or green and black teas into your diet. You can eat and drink your way to good dental health.