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Regulating Charities Offering Complementary And Alternative Medicine Therapies

Thus, a lack of clarity in ontological frameworks negatively impacts inter-professional collaboration and the patient relationship. Many health professionals are supportive of people with cancer using complementary therapies. There are some health professionals that have been reluctant for their patients to use them.

People with cancer have various reasons for wanting to try alternative therapies. Using alternative therapy can become more important to people with advanced cancer if their conventional treatment is no longer helping to control it. It is understandable that they hope that alternative therapies might work. Scoping review of systematic reviews of complementary medicine for musculoskeletal and mental health conditions by Ava Lorenc, Gene Feder, Hugh MacPherson, Paul Little, Stewart Mercer and Deborah Sharp.

Thus, there is a need for further research to explicate how CAM providers’ discourse positions holistic health in the US healthcare landscape to achieve the goals of IM (Bann et al., 2010; … Read More