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5 Rude Things You Should Not Do When Visiting France


5 Rude Things You Should Not Do When Visiting France

France is a vast country, and different regions have varied norms and social practices. A few things, however, are off-limits for tourists in France. When you follow these guidelines, you will not have a problem in France. You can visit FC Moto for some basic etiquette you can follow in France.

Here are some rude things you should never do in France

  1. Never yell at a waiter to get their attention by waving your arms around

You must follow specific rules to order in pubs and brasseries. Awaiting a waiter to come to you is the custom in restaurants. Even if they don’t arrive right away, make eye contact or raise your hand if they are nearby. Further action would be impolite and unlikely to produce a positive outcome. It’s essential to remember that French waiters have extensive instruction on cuisine and wine, and they’re usually juggling 30 items at … Read More