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My Age, My Clothes: What Is Expected Of Me?


My Age, My Clothes: What Is Expected Of Me?

Our generation is crazed with the notion of looking forever chic and young, and many times, we try to deny the inevitability of old age. Should people dress according to their age and why? BritainReviewsopens up various fashion stores from where you can buy your dream clothes. It also enables you to read and track down the reviews of the companies, apps, or stores with which you want to engage. For example, you can find mobile dating apps reviews on BritainReviews.

Does it matter to dress your age?

It is a matter of perception, that is, the issue of dressing your age. How will people perceive you, and what will their reaction towards you be when you dress in a certain way? It is common knowledge that a person is addressed the way they are dressed, so this issue is more of what others think than what you think. … Read More