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This e-mail newsletter is designed to give you bite size bits of helpful and relevant information about good food, balanced nutrition and healthy organic living.

No matter who you are or what you do, time is precious. That's why Vegetarian Organic Life is designed with your busy schedule in mind. It's a concise publication that can serve as your reminder to focus on what makes it possible for you to reach your goals, enjoy your loved ones and live your life the way you want to—your health.

I love cooking and am passionate about healthy organic living. Healthy food can both taste fantastic and be good for you. My recipes, whether vegetarian or vegan, are tasty and flavorful and made with mainstream, widely available wholesome ingredients. I strive to create simple, delicious and nutritious meals that everyone can savor while enjoying tremendous health benefits.

I also love sharing what I know about food, cooking and organic living with anyone that is interested in eating healthy and living well. Throughout the years, I've had the opportunity to work with friends, family and health enthusiasts who want to eat good food and add more healthy variety to their diets using wholesome, nutritious ingredients. I have helped them re-create their favorite recipes by substituting high fat and high cholesterol ingredients with healthier alternatives, easing their transition to healthy cooking and eating.

Enjoy your Vegetarian Organic Life!

- Amira

Amira Elgan Amira Elgan is author and publisher of Vegetarian Organic Life, a popular electronic newsletter about healthy cooking and better living and author of the “Vegetarian Organic Living” column for Green Living Magazine. She also teaches healthy cooking classes for Whole Foods Market's Salud! Cooking & Lifestyles School and Sur La Table Culinary Program. Amira is a former top manager of some of the premier dining establishments in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood, including the Mondrian, Bonaventure and Beverly Wilshire hotels, as well as catering manager for the University of California at Santa Barbara. Amira has created innovative, healthy recipes for more than 15 years. She is an educated yoga practitioner and healthy organic living and fitness expert with a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She lives in Santa Barbara and is currently writing a vegetarian organic cookbook. She is married and has two sons, who are 25 and 20 years old.

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